The hundred-ball Cricket League is the newest League in the cricket world after the big success of the T20 league. England cricket board has taken a bold step to raise to the next level announcing its hundred ball cricket league called The Hundred.

The hundred ball the rules are very different from the other Cricket League. So a lot of people are curious about hundred Ball Cricket rules. Let’s get into it and see what are the rules for the 100 ball Cricket league.

100 Ball Cricket

100-Ball Cricket Format Rules

As its name suggests 100 ball cricket as a comprise in the evening there are a total 200 balls in the whole match.

After being in the pipeline for almost a cricket board has finally put the live. England cricket board PCB is very confident with their decision.

T20 leagues are popular all around the world this format is 40 balls sorter than the standard T20 format.

Overs Duration

Every over in the hundred balls Cricket week will have 5 or 10 balls the captain of the team has right to decide the number of balls in every over.

It’s mean that every bowler can bowl either 5 or 10 balls in considered in a row and as captain decide.

Number of Balls

The attractive theme about the format the hundred is the number of balls. This tournament has 100 deliveries in reasoning the total number of deliveries bowled in each match will be 200.

A bowler can ball only 20 balls in a match and there is a break on after 10 balls of a bowler.

Change of Ends in 100 ball match

The white ball competition will have a change of and after 10 balls hands you can see the Boulder and shift very of Ton and the non-Striker batsman can come for batting.

Maximum number of deliveries

One bowler in the team can bowl only a maximum of 20 bowls in each match this can be done in the form of 4 over 5 balls for 10 bows in two over.

Strategic Time-out

Is bowling side get a strategic time out of up to 2 minutes

They can walk out to the middle of the ground and discuss strategy with their player in the mid-match.

Power Play

A 25 ball power play for each team

Two fielders are allowed outside of the initial 30 yards circle during the powerplay.

Match duration

The match length is shorted of two and half hours and the delivery of balls is less by 120 to 100 bowl cricket match.

Final conclusion

The England cricket board take a bold step of organized the hundred and receive the mix option for cricket fans around the globe a lot of people are curious about it and was the hundred ball match.

For their cricket fans, ECB organized a brand new Cricket League easy things that the new hundred ball format will attract new and youngster fanbase the week has to fast test over time.

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