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The Hundred Ball Cricket

The hundred is a unique 100 ball professional tournament in 2021. With manifest to its credit, the hundred 2022 is abroad is going to be one of the most economical cricket events across the globe this year. A marketable initiative by ECB, the tournament with commerce in the middle quarter of July 20 21 and it also organized in July month in 2022 to and it will run until mid-quarter of August 2022. A total of eight City base franchise is squads will participate in the tournament, with each having both men and women teams.

The 2021 session of the hundred will be the inaugural session of the hundred franchises. The hundred is the title of professional 100 ball Cricket tournament in England and Wales run by the ECB commercial in July month. Each woman and men team has separate 8 8 teams both of them. 100 ball cricket is a format of limited over cricket, playing by two teams each playing a single inning made up of hundred balls.

the hundred

The Hundred format

The hundred was initially penned as a regular T20 tournament. But later due to ongoing row over the present competition structure, the management decides to come up with something new. The ECB wants to introduce something novel this time to draw in more fans. Thus, in 2018 April, the ECB declare the launch of the hundred balls Cricket.

As per the reports, the hundred will follow round-robin league and playoff format. Below is a brief of the major features of the upcoming tournament.

  • Hundred ball will be play per inning in every match
  • Boulevard deliver either 5 or 10 consecutive balls.
  • After 10 balls, there will be change of bowler
  • Every bowler will deliver 20 balls maximum per game.
  • Every body side with enjoy up two and one and half minute of strategic timeout
  • Each team will start respective innings with 25 ball power play
  • Two fielders would be allowed to outside initial 30 yards. Sarkar in time of power play
  • Each team have the right to call for time out, the same you see with IPL
  • Simplified scoreboard

The Hundred Teams

The hundred will have 8 City base teams. Every hundred bol team will comprise 15 players. Among these, two would be the best performing of T20 blast. Is steam can take up 3 overseas players. At least one player in his team men should be a player of the England test team. The hundred players with which use on the basis of the draft system.

The team of taking part in hundred ball tournament are

  • Birmingham phoenix
  • Manchester Orignals
  • London Spirit
  • Oval Invincibles
  • Northern Supercharges
  • Trent Rockets
  • Southern Brav
  • Welsh Fire
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What is “The Hundred” Cricket League

The Hundred is a cricket league tournament like a t20 cricket or ODI cricket league. This 100 ball cricket league idea in 2018 by the England Cricket board. The Hundred is its there starting stage so the league is organized by England in 2021 at the mouth of August and the England cricket board organizes it for the MEN’s or Women’s Cricket Teams. The Hundred is making popular in England and it is conducted on the further years we hope so.

Sponsors of ‘the hundred League’

The Hundred is a Tournament where the England cricket Board