The hundred is a unique Cricket League organized by the England cricket board it is going to be a phenomenon skin to get the past 2021 year. The hundred is A Remarkable tournament conducted by ECB for the past year and in this summer season, it is conducted. Everyone involved with the desperate to get going again and hopefully we can bring even more fans to the game.

TournamentThe Hundred
Total Team6 teams
ScheduleStart at 3 August
TeamsMen and women Team

The hundred-ball Cricket tournament is coming back in England the pitch once again after The Incredible the test of competition 2022.

The hundred schedule

An incredible premium of the hundred is started on 3rd August in 2022. We are all hoping that fans are coming back in this the hundred 2022 season 2 tournament. The hundred has quickly become a Rotary success with its aim revival of Indian Premier League and Big Bash League.

The 100 ball Cricket tournament is starting from 3rd August in 2022 two at summer season in England. and also the women’s cricket team is starting their matches on 3rd August 2022. let’s start in August how is going and what is the schedule of the hundred cricket balls you can get at here.

The hundred man’s women’s schedule

All the times are UK times with the women match to be played first unless Otherwise started the men and women cricket match schedule and fixture is here.

Women’s match will not be conducted on Thursday 11 August due to Commonwealth Game it must be started on 3rd August.

April month offer adds the final match is on 3rd September between the two as Semifinal list team at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

How to buy a ticket for the hundred?

The ticket is available on the the the hundred officials white we provide aging of the hundred Cricket board which you can order the tickets.

 The hundred cricket ticket counter with available on 31st March on Thursday 2022 to ongoing the general theory of Wednesday 20 April 2022.

Official Website
Ticket buying linkGet soon
How to buy the hundred tournament tickets?

The hundred tournament tickets are available on the official website the

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